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Writing Consumable Content in a World of Skimmers

Did you know that the average human attention span has dropped from around two and half minutes to 45 seconds?

As a content writer, that can make things tricky. We’re tasked with the challenge of being creative, providing value, generating traffic and weaving in keywords — all while being concise enough to not bore our readers into clicking off the page.

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, it’s critical to adapt your content strategy to meet the demands of modern consumers and their dwindling attention spans. Here are some tips we recommend:

Create an immersive experience. Interactive content can take many forms — from quizzes to polls to calculators. The key is to offer content that directly involves your audience, making them active participants rather than passive viewers.

One of the biggest advantages of interactive content? It can also generate valuable data about your audience. By monitoring how your audience interacts with your content, you can gain insights into their preferences, interests and behaviors, helping you refine your marketing strategy.

Turn the info into an infographic. Why would a customer read an entire white paper if they’re just looking for the highlights? Infographics are a smart format for breaking down complex information into a concise, easily digestible format.

Great for visual learners, infographics can convey lots of data by combining images, charts and text. They also give your brand an opportunity to showcase its unique personality and style through visually appealing designs and engaging content.

Hit record and make a video. Eighty-eight percent of marketers use video for content marketing, according to Vidyard and the  Content Marketing Institute. And there’s no shortage of video formats to suit your content needs.

For example, a how-to video is a solid choice for top-of-funnel prospect, helping them recognize their need for your brand. A demo video helps build trust with your audience because you’re going the extra mile to provide solid customer service. And a thought leadership video — like a webinar, a keynote speech or an interview with a leader in the field — shows your audience you know your stuff, while strengthening your brand identity.

Figure out which type of video best lends itself to your audience, create an outline, put together a script and start rolling.

Tell a story. Today’s copywriters have evolved into strategists, data analysts and storytellers — all rolled into one. So hone in on the storytelling aspect and give them something they’ll enjoy reading.

Whether you’re sharing customer success stories, industry insights or personal anecdotes, storytelling adds depth and emotion to your content, making it more engaging. When appropriate, share authentic stories that reflect your brand’s personality and values.

By weaving clever, funny or relatable narratives into your content, you can capture the attention of your audience and create a more memorable brand experience.

Quality over content quantity
In today’s digital landscape, quality reigns supreme. Don’t stress about a word count that may never attract the readership you’re banking on. Instead, focus on creating compelling, informative content that speaks to the needs of your audience, so you can attract more traffic, build brand loyalty and drive business growth.

Authored by: Lauren HarrisWriting Consumable Content in a World of Skimmers
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