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Why You’re #Failing at Content Marketing

Research from the Aberdeen Group shows that a whopping 95% of companies are using or considering a content marketing strategy. And those doing it well (deemed “Best-in-Class” by Aberdeen) are enjoying five times higher revenue contribution from content than their peers. Not among them? Here are four reasons to consider.

1. Your content’s all about you. Check out your last piece of content with a critical eye. Was it a 20-minute “meet our firm” video? Or a 90-second “here’s how to solve that vexing challenge” tutorial? Did use of the word “we” out-number references to “you”?

Sure, your company may be awesome. But depending on where your audience is in their buyer’s journey, it may be way too early to tout that fact. First, you need to woo them with useful content that solves their problem.

2. You’re a one-blast pony. You’re lucky enough to have customers follow you across multiple platforms. Yet you send the same content concurrently across every channel — the fastest way to alienate your most loyal fans. Not only are you annoying the people most invested in your brand; you’re also missing out on opportunities to effectively engage them.

Keep things organized with an editorial calendar and a tool like (yup, still free) that make it easy to schedule posts rather than rely on the lazy mass blast.

3. You’re telling different stories. Too many brands mix messages — trying to be hip on Instagram, authoritative on LinkedIn, funny on Twitter. That creates confusion, which prevents your marketing from gaining any true traction.

Regardless of the type of content and the vehicle you’re using to share it, your core message doesn’t change. Make sure you’re telling a consistent story that accurately reflects what your brand is all about.

4. You don’t have a call to action. Just like listeners engaged in a well-told story, your audience wants to know what happens next. And you want to lead them down a clearly defined path to the product or service that best fits their situation.

Don’t pass up the chance to capture contact information so you can continue the conversation. Better yet, offer access to additional content similar to what attracted them to your site in the first place — for example, an in-depth research report to supplement the highlights-only infographic viewed by a visitor.

Remember…failure isn’t fatal. By cleaning up your content marketing act, you can get on track for an A+ effort that yields measurable results.

Authored by: Lisa FahouryWhy You’re #Failing at Content Marketing
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