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Direct Mail Meets Digital: The Power of Informed Delivery

Over 44 million — that’s how many households have enrolled in the USPS Informed Delivery program since its launch in 2017. And that’s no surprise when you consider the benefits.

Informed Delivery allows users a digital sneak peek of their direct mail — from a smartphone, computer or tablet — via email, app or the Informed Delivery dashboard. So your customers and prospects can see what your catalog, brochure or postcard looks like, who sent it or even what’s inside their package before it reaches their mailbox. 

The best of both worlds
For marketers, Informed Delivery delivers mass appeal to a varying audience. For example, 79% of millennials look forward to seeing what’s in their mailbox each day. But they’re also spending almost six hours a day on their phones. Digital savvy Gen Z  agrees they get more joy out of receiving letters and packages than emails and texts. However, 98% of them own a smartphone. See what we’re getting at?

With Informed Delivery, postal and digital converge to reach prospects through multiple touch points. USPS reports that nearly 65% of Informed Delivery emails are opened daily, and a whopping 86% of users are satisfied or very satisfied with the service.  Are you doing anything at all? 

But when it comes to reaching your prospects and customers, are you optimizing your Informed Delivery efforts? When planning out your next campaign, check out these tips to enhance the Informed Delivery experience: 

Create a pre-campaign analysis report. Who’s using Informed Delivery? First and foremost, use your lists to find out how many current customers and prospects you can reach with this service. The numbers may surprise you. 

Go full color. Grayscale scans are the standard format provided with Informed Delivery. But instead, you can replace them with full-color images of each mail piece. You may even use contrasting colors to make your text stand out. 

Use interactive the call-to-action feature. Informed Delivery offers CTA text that links to a landing page. Whether it’s your website, your ecommerce page or your brand’s Instagram feed, make the most of the attention while you have it.

Take advantage of the video feature. Up the ante with a custom video, graphics or animation. So when your mailer pops up in a customer’s email, they’re greeted with an engaging visual that generates more interest in the product or service you’re selling. 

Track and measure. How is your campaign performing? The Informed Delivery dashboard breaks down the number of mailers sent, emails opened, click-through rates and more. 

Save with the 2023 Informed Delivery promotion. Similar to 2022, the promotion will offer a discount of up to four percent off postage for businesses that kick off Informed Delivery interactive campaigns. 

Snail mail…with a digital twist
Looking to give your marketing a boost? Explore this avenue to engage more customers, increase brand awareness, integrate marketing channels and, ultimately, up your conversions.

Authored by: Lisa FahouryDirect Mail Meets Digital: The Power of Informed Delivery
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