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The Undeniable Pull of Video Content Marketing

There’s no doubt that video is one of the more popular and effective forms of content marketing these days (hello, TikTok!).

Think about it — when you’re scrolling (whether for business or pleasure) and head down the inevitable rabbit hole, chances are that videos are capturing most of your attention. They bring brands to life in a way that no text email or wordy blog post can.

Eighty-eight percent of marketers use video for content marketing. And according to Social Media Examiner, 55% prefer YouTube to show — not just tell — audiences why they’re awesome. If your brand isn’t using video marketing, it’s time to turn the spotlight on your people, products and services.

Ready to bring your unique selling proposition to life? Depending on your goals, what you’re selling and where your prospects are in the sales funnel, there’s no lack of video styles to choose from.

Here’s some wisdom from the Content Marketing Institute and Vidyard to jumpstart your thinking.

How-to videos
This type of video can help your audience recognize their need for your brand — a solid choice for top-of-funnel prospects. Start by identifying an issue that your product can solve and demonstrate how it works to fix it.

For example, watch lifestyle brand guru Martha Stewart teach a studio audience how to properly fold a fitted sheet. (Who knew it was that easy?)

Promo videos
Think of a promo video as a movie trailer for your products. What would entice your audience to watch the full-length feature?

The best promos have one thing in common — they hook you fast and draw you in with emotion, like this feel-good piece from Starbucks celebrating the kindness of its customers and employees.

Explainer videos
Following the promo, an explainer video is a more thorough introduction to your products or services. It’s short, powerful and captures your brand promise.

Dollar Shave Club accomplishes these goals in this one, which surely helped it get bought out by Unilevel for a cool $1 billion (!!) just five years later.

Thought leadership videos
Educating your audience doesn’t have to be a snooze fest. Whether it’s a webinar, a keynote speech or an interview with a leader in the field, show your audience you know your stuff, while strengthening your brand identity.

Check out Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announcing that we’re all living in his version of The Matrix.

Case study videos
Your loyal customers are your best advocates. That’s why a case study is an opportunity to make them the star, sharing their rave reviews. Zappos uses actual customer phone calls to promote the brand.

Culture videos
People like to see the humans behind the products. A culture video may include a tour of the home office or a highlight reel from a meeting. It won’t drive prospects down the funnel, but it’ll give customers a taste of who they’re doing business with.

Watch how these HubSpot employees share a sneak peek at their marketing powerhouse.

Demo videos
Roll up your sleeves and show your audience how to use your product or how it came to be. Demos help build trust because you’re going the extra mile to provide solid customer service.

Here’s a great example from Nike, showing the vision behind the product.

FAQ videos
At the end of the sales funnel, lingering questions may remain. FAQ videos, like this one from Paypal, help ensure that your customers have all the details they need to feel confident doing business with you.

So, who’s bringing the popcorn?
If you haven’t started video marketing yet, it’s showtime! You don’t need to be an expert, nor do you need any fancy equipment. Start small. Figure out which type of video best lends itself to your audience, create an outline, put together a script and start rolling.

Authored by: Lauren HarrisThe Undeniable Pull of Video Content Marketing
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