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The Future of Copywriting: Yes, AI Has a Seat at the Table

We’re often asked if we see artificial intelligence (AI) as a threat to our craft. And the majority of questioners are surprised that the answer is no. We actually view AI tools as partners in delivering the highest value to our clients.

As the marketing landscape evolves, it’s our responsibility as marketers to stay on the cusp of technological innovation to help our clients thrive. So do we welcome the use of AI to benefit the quality of our work? You bet.

Why we appreciate artificial intelligence…and why you should, too

AI-powered tools are designed to give copywriters the gift of efficiency. By inputting prompts and keywords into these content generators, we leverage the output to produce better results for you. Here’s how:

  • Increases accuracy and consistency. AI pulls facts and data from reliable online sources and bundles them up based on your prompts. Plus, grammar and spell-checking software help minimize errors to maintain your credibility.
  • Optimizes content. AI-powered tools can improve audience engagement by analyzing relevant keywords and audience demographics. Ultimately, the creation of targeted content that’s optimized for a specific audience will help grow conversion rates. 
  • Saves time. With the right prompts, AI can save hours of research and data analysis. That allows us to focus on the thought leadership and creative aspects of a content project.
  • Inspires. AI-generated outlines and copy points can be a jumping off point for brainstorming and fresh ideas. For example, it can suggest optimized headline or subject lines options, or offer potential new topics of interest to a specific audience segment.

Humans for the win

AI is intelligent (as the name implies). But one thing it lacks is creativity. It can be highly useful for scanning the internet for relevant facts. But for thoughtful, nurturing content at different phases of the funnel, AI can’t understand a prospect’s needs like a real human marketer can.

Other shortfalls?

  • Possible plagiarism. Because AI content is pieced together from around the internet, it may get flagged by search engines for being too similar to its sources.
  • Repetition. If you’re hoping for more content options on a particular topic, you might wind up with same results over and over unless you’re skilled at creating the right prompts.
  • Lack of brand nuance. A human marketer knows their client and can strike a balance between delivering what the client wants and the client needs. AI doesn’t have the capability to understand a brand on that level.
  • Not customizable. Most brands adhere to a style guide. Since AI relies on algorithms for content, the nuances of your brand voice can easily get lost.
  • Room for error. Just like using spellcheck for a Word doc, AI software doesn’t catch every mistake. It goes without saying that editing and proofreading AI-generated content is still a must.

Ready to embrace the future of AI?

We are — and you should be, too. When used the right way, it’s one more tool to help up your content game.

Authored by: Lisa FahouryThe Future of Copywriting: Yes, AI Has a Seat at the Table
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