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Love/Hate Relationship with Google? 7 Tips for Swoon-worthy Content

Vying for Google’s attention? Get in line.

Google processes over 8.5 billion searches every day. So if you’re hoping for clicks, you have to create Google-loving content.

How? According to Backlinko Founder Brian Dean and Semrush Director of Organic Search Kyle Byers, it takes a careful balance of SEO tactics and skilled writing to stay on Google’s good side.

Try some of their recommendations to help boost your rankings and searchability:

Focus on search intent. Simply put, are you giving people what they’re searching for? Look at the top-ranking pages in your niche for the keywords you may want to incorporate. Avoid keyword stuffing, and opt for keywords that naturally blend into your content.

Choose quality over quantity. Rather than pumping out pages and pages, slow down and write meaningful, actionable content that makes your audience want to talk about and share your work.

Cut to the chase. How fast can readers get to your key takeaways? Skip the lengthy backstory and spell out the benefits. Nobody likes time-wasting fluff.

Be a one-stop knowledge shop. Make sure your content is tight but comprehensive. Don’t make your audience go back to Google for a deeper dive. Instead, link to further resources on your own site to keep them within your funnel.

Stay current. Refresh content on a regular basis. Information that was current a month ago could be old news today. Revive older blogs, infographics and other assets with new headlines, fresh descriptions and updated stats. Regular updates remind Google that your site is authoritative and accurate, helping to improve your searchability.

Build backlinks. Google looks for links between web pages to help establish content as the real deal. Focus on backlinks from relevant, reputable sites. One of the best ways to increase your backlinks is by answering your audience’s search queries with unique and pertinent content.

Incorporate videos. Studies show that visitors stay twice as long on a page with video — an important fact to keep in mind for Google rankings. Not only do audiences prefer visual content, but Google may also indirectly prefer it, too.

Set your brand up for long-term customer relationships
Creating Google-loving content is a lot like writing a dating profile — know whose attention you’re looking to attract, cut to the details they need to swipe right, and make sure your visuals paint an accurate picture. You’ll be juggling interested hordes in no time 😊

Authored by: Lisa FahouryLove/Hate Relationship with Google? 7 Tips for Swoon-worthy Content
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