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Life’s Simply Too Short for a Boring Bio

Interesting people deserve interesting bios! Whether you’re developing an “About Us” for your website or an introduction for your next presentation, why settle for cookie-cutter when you can tell an intriguing, hard-to-forget story?

Remember: what makes you unique and memorable to your loved ones also makes you unique and memorable to potential clients, strategic partners, and the media. So, in the quest to craft a better bio, consider incorporating the answers to an offbeat question or two:

  • What three things make you unique?
  • What would an acquaintance or business colleague be surprised to learn about you?
  • What was your high school nickname?
  • What would be the lead in your obituary?
  • Do you have a favorite quote, author or life philosophy?
  • If you were in the movie “Field of Dreams,” what would you have built?
  • If you won the lottery tomorrow, how would you spend the money?

Your objective is to tell a concise “story of you,” giving readers (or listeners) multiple points of possible connection. Be sure to steer clear of potentially divisive topics like politics or religion, unless your bio will be used for this particular audience. When in doubt, leave it out.

Finally, remember that one size never fits all. A well-crafted “master” bio can be easily customized to fit the media or occasion, whether you’re creating an “About the Author” or being introduced as the next Nobel Prize winner.

Authored by: Lisa FahouryLife’s Simply Too Short for a Boring Bio
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