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Is “Cheeky” Marketing on the Rise? You Betcha

Having a distinct brand voice has always been important to the Fahoury Ink team.

Why? It positions us for success in attracting like-minded clients.

Clients and copywriters have a unique relationship. We ask lots of questions and dig down deep to understand your business model, your target audience(s), and what makes your organization uniquely positioned to do what you do.

So, if the client/copywriter personalities don’t mesh, the best outcomes aren’t always achieved.

When a potential client finds us on social and is put off by our tagline, we see that as a self-qualifying process. If it doesn’t make you either smile or think to yourself, “WTF? Tell me more!”, we’re likely not the content agency for you.

Of course, we didn’t invent cheeky.
But we are noticing a rise in its popularity, especially among more traditional brands — and have a theory as to why.

Here’s a hint — it starts with A and ends with I.
Artificial intelligence is notorious for churning out soulless, clunky content with no creative spark — adding to the sea of mediocrity that already exists and making it even more difficult for your brand to be noticed.

Of course, you have to tread lightly, because cheeky isn’t right for everyone. Nobody wants glib from the surgeon replacing grandma’s heart valve.

Keep in mind that cheeky is a continuum. On the low end, it tends toward crass, and continues to smirky, clever and onto full-out humor. Even an unexpected play on words can bring a smile to a buyer’s face. And when you find the right fit for your brand voice, it can showcase your humanity and authenticity in very powerful ways.


A quick recap of some recently spotted faves:














Cheeky gives your brand broad opportunities to show a pinch of personality in unexpected places — even dry, transactional communications like an out-of-order escalator sign.

In a sea of sameness, take Dr. Seuss’s sage advice: “Why blend in when you can stand out?”

Authored by: Lisa FahouryIs “Cheeky” Marketing on the Rise? You Betcha
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