Internal Communications

Driving Connections From the Inside Out

Your customers keep you in business. But there wouldn’t be a business without the people who bring your brand to life: your employees. Are you doing your part to keep them informed, engaged and feeling like a valued member of your team?

Employees are the most overlooked audience when it comes to developing a communications strategy— whether that’s rolling out a new company policy, switching benefits providers or even just keeping them updated on the company’s performance,

Depending on your business’s needs and goals, internal communications can take many forms:

  • Benefit guides. Ensure your workforce has the latest information to make the best decisions for their well-being.
  • Employee newsletters. Recognize employee accomplishments, give company updates and so much more.
  • Press releases/announcements. From achieving sales goals to announcing a new product, keep everyone on the same page.
  • Recruiting content. In a tight labor market, you need to actively market your job openings and demonstrate exactly why you’re an employer of choice.

Fahoury Ink can help you tap the most effective channels and create content that keeps everyone jazzed about what’s next at your organization.


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