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I Used AI to Jazz up my LinkedIn Profile and Here’s What Happened…

Faster? Yes, it’s true that AI content-generating tools can pump out content in seconds. Better? Well, that depends on what you’re trying to achieve. For me, it was a new take on my LinkedIn profile.

In the world of content marketing, there are few things worse than tired, stagnant content. And after three years, my LinkedIn profile was just that. The content was still accurate, but it needed a refresh to keep things interesting — and to show our clients and colleagues that my professional profile was an accurate depiction of our ever-evolving brand.

Before diving in for a rewrite, I turned to AI. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that AI content-generating tools are helping to rewrite the content marketing industry. So I signed up for a free account on Jounce and let AI take over. Here are the results:

The original
Using Jounce’s “content improver” feature, I entered my original profile content.

Fahoury Ink’s resident grammarian and outspoken advocate for comma correctness, Lauren Harris lends her considerable writing skills to content projects of all shapes and sizes.

Her love of the written word initially led her to Rutgers University, where she majored in English and communication and served as a staff sports writer at The Daily Targum. Soon after, Lauren relocated to Southern California with her heart set on a career in publishing, but when she finally peeled the “Books – Not Nooks!” bumper sticker off her car, she discovered the world of marketing, branding and content creation.

She began writing online content for an eco-friendly housewares retailer — the perfect fit for an earth-conscious vegetarian. Lauren moved on to work as a marketing communications specialist, developing multi-channel marketing campaigns, newsletters, trend reports and catalog copy for a popular fashion accessories line in Orange County.

In 2013, Lauren found herself back in her home state at Fahoury Ink. When she’s not crafting the perfect subject line, she’s embracing the chaos of raising three mini humans, ensuring they share her aversion to the serial comma.

The remix
Within seconds, Jounce came back with the following:

Imagine a world where commas run wild and grammatical correctness is a myth. This is where Lauren Harris, Fahoury Ink’s resident grammarian, steps in to save the day. With her trusty red pen and passion for punctuation, Lauren has made it her mission to bring order to content projects of all shapes and sizes.

Lauren’s love affair with the written word began at Rutgers University, where she majored in English and communication. Between rooting for the Scarlet Knights and serving as a staff sports writer for The Daily Targum, she honed her writing skills and prepared for a future in the world of words.

Upon graduation, Lauren heeded the call of the California sunshine and set her sights on a career in publishing. However, it wasn’t long before she traded her “Books – Not Nooks!” bumper sticker for the fast-paced world of marketing, branding, and content creation.

Lauren’s first foray into the digital realm found her writing eco-friendly copy for a housewares retailer, a perfect match the earth-conscious vegetarian. From there, she moved on to flex her muscles as a communications specialist, crafting trendy campaigns, newsletters, and catalog copy for a fashion accessories line in Orange County.

In 2013, fate brought Lauren back to her home state and into the welcoming arms of Fahoury Ink. Here she continues her quest for comma correctedness and perfect subject lines, while juggling the joys of raising three small children (with a shared disdain for the serial comma, of course).

The takeaway
I must say that Jounce was on point, aligning with my tone and style to produce a similar, yet fresh spin on my bio. But…yes, there’s a few buts.

First off, it’s important to remember that Jounce worked from my original content. I wouldn’t have gotten nearly the results I desired had I not done a majority of the legwork by writing the original draft.

Secondly, it definitely took some liberties to assume that I “heeded the call of the California sunshine” or that I rooted for the Scarlet Knights. While both statements are true in my case, this is an important reminder that AI content should always be fact-checked and edited. You’re dealing with a machine that’s pulling content based on algorithms, and it’s far from perfect.

Which brings me to my last point…

Both bios hit the nail on the head regarding my disdain for serial commas. But did you notice what popped up not once, but twice in the AI version? The dreaded serial comma!

While it pained me to leave them in, I did so to state my case: AI can be a great tool for content writers. Overall, it helped get the job done for my profile revamp, but it’s no match for the creativity and skilled eye of a great copywriter.

Whether you’re using AI for subject line inspiration, product description copy or white paper research, check out our post on the dos and don’ts of AI-generated content creation.

Authored by: Lauren HarrisI Used AI to Jazz up my LinkedIn Profile and Here’s What Happened…
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