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How to Sidestep COVID-related Content Clichés

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily lives in more ways than we could’ve ever imagined — right down to the words we use to communicate.

It seems the entire country has picked up (and relied on) new words, phrases and metaphors to talk about it, often subconsciously repeating them in every conversation.

Here are some of the worst offenders, and suggestions for substitutions that won’t make you look like a lazy hack:

INSTEAD OF…                         TRY THIS…

Unprecedented                        Extraordinary, novel or even bizarre (depending on the level of drama)

Uncertain times                       Unpredictable, worrisome, erratic

Abundance of caution             Safety first, being proactive, taking the necessary precautions

The new normal                       Stop. Just stop. Eradicate this phrase forever.

Social distancing                      Giving people their space

Back to normal                         As we move ahead/forward


What about phrases like “We’re all in this together” or “We’re here for you”? These are so vague as to be useless. Instead, offer up some concrete example of measures you’ve taken to protect your customers, staff and supply chain.

Despite Dr. Fauci’s best efforts, the pandemic could linger in our vernacular for years to come. Make sure it doesn’t weigh your copy down and make it indistinguishable from the competition.

Authored by: Lauren HarrisHow to Sidestep COVID-related Content Clichés
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