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How Brands are Working TikTok Magic

From kids to adults, TikTok captivates its 689 million users with catchy videos, amusing dance trends and addictive tunes. The platform keeps them scrolling and — to the delight of many brands — shopping, too.

Users spend an average of 95 minutes a day TikTokking, and by 2026, about 40% will also be making purchases via the platform. And more brands are catching on, using it to generate a larger following, improve brand awareness and increase sales.

Whether you’re active on the platform or still mulling over the potential benefits, brands from all different niches are getting results.

Winning at TikTok marketing
Achieving TikTok success looks different for every brand. Here are examples of brands whose work is paying off:

Enchanted Scrunch. Before turning to the platform, this small, teen-owned (!!) business received about two new orders a week. Since its TikTok debut, that number skyrocketed to 500 a week. Now, its young founder/Tik Toker/entrepreneur has 300,000+ followers and an impressive 8.3 million likes.

Peachybbies Slime. Slime shops are all the rage for today’s pre-teen crowd. And Peachybbies Slime knows how to stand out in the saturated slime market. By posting Q&As, videos of how their products are made and even uploads of playing with slime, the main account has amassed 5.7 million followers, helping new products sell out in minutes.

Chipotle. This fast-casual chain is one of TikTik’s most popular players. And it knows a thing or two about TikTok marketing. In fact, Chipotle is credited with one of the first branded hashtag challenges — #ChipotleLidFlip Challenge — in which users were encouraged to place orders via the Chipotle app and website. Today, Chipotle boasts 2.1 million followers and 51.7 million likes.

Why brands fail
While TikTok is a legitimate marketing platform, it’s not for everyone. But it might just be some rookie mistakes that are inhibiting your success.

  • Your audience just isn’t there. If your users aren’t among TikTok’s popular demographics, you could be wasting valuable time — a common mistake when brands chase the next big thing without doing their homework.
  • Content isn’t the right fit. So your audience is on the platform. Great! Are you speaking to them in a way that’s honest, fun and casual, without being too business-like? Remember who they are and what content resonates with them to keep them following your brand.
  •  Or original. Different content formats have different user preferences. If you’re repurposing content from other social sites, you’re missing the point of TikTok marketing: offering original content and fresh ideas.
  • You have no influencers. There’s an influencer for brands of every size and industry. They create content, uncover valuable insights, drive conversions and more. The right person will turn your likes and shares into sales.

Love it or hate it…
According to a recent Hootsuite survey, 24% of marketers reported that TikTok was effective in helping to reach their business goals, compared to 3% in the previous year.

Are the followers, likes and shares worth investing your resources? If you’re getting results, we think so. And if you need help with content, you know who to ask.


But wait, what about Tik Tok for B2B marketers? Glad you asked.

Authored by: Lisa FahouryHow Brands are Working TikTok Magic
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