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Six Steps to Developing a Power-Packed Tagline for Your Business

Like a well-crafted elevator speech, the right tagline differentiates you from your competition in an instant, telling potential customers exactly what you do and how well you do it…all in ten words or less. This session will take you through helpful examples of good – and not-so-good – taglines, as well as step-by-step techniques for developing a dynamic tagline for your company or product.

Top 10 Marketing Mistakes: Fixable or Fatal?

Which of these mistakes are you guilty of? From not having a unique selling proposition to misidentifying customers’ buying motivations, here’s an entertaining recap of the 10 most common marketing pitfalls, and the best ways to sidestep them on your way to marketing success.

Think Like a Fish: Develop Your Creativity and Jump-Start Your Business

Helps business owners, managers, and employees tap into their own creativity. Hands-on exercises, practical tools, and entertaining examples invigorate participants and elevate their thinking to new levels of creative problem solving.


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Authored by: Lisa FahouryContent Marketing Training