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Building a Video Marketing Strategy

Before Facebook and Instagram, YouTube came on the scene in 2005. And that was the beginning of video marketing.

Fast forward to present day. According to Wistia’s 2023 State of Video Report, the pandemic revolutionized the way that audiences consumed content. People began spending more time online (and we’re not just talking Zoom meetings.)

Video marketing became the go-to for grabbing attention with visually engaging content that’s easy to digest. So it’s no surprise that 34% of businesses say the pandemic highlighted the importance of having a video strategy.

As the world moves on, businesses are still seeing solid ROI from video. If your business hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon, it might be time to get the cameras rolling. 

Building your video strategy: The why and the how
Not only are videos a great way to showcase your product and services, they’re also valuable for SEO. You can use them in a variety of ways and today’s audiences love them. If you’re just beginning to incorporate videos into your content marketing, keep the following tips in mind:

Speak up…or don’t. As reported by Wistia, the majority of 2022’s marketing videos were short-form — less than 60 seconds in length. While these remain a popular choice, videos longer than 30 minutes achieved over 11,000% growth during the past decade, compared to 36% growth for videos under the 30-minute mark.

So while length matters, it really depends on what you have to say. If your content lends itself to short and sweet, that’s okay.  And if you have a lot to say, don’t cut yourself short.

Know your audience. Don’t make your audience have to work hard to find and watch your videos. Make them easily accessible and sharable.

According to the report, over 41% of businesses named LinkedIn as their media channel of choice for best-performing videos. And one in three businesses reported that they want to invest more in videos for social media overall in 2023. When conceptualizing your video, think about where it will live by considering your demographic and where they’re hanging out online.

Keep them tuned in. In 2022, the report showed at audiences are pressing play up to 59% more than in 2019. They’ve also watched 71% more video content than expected. The fact is buyers are tuning in, but to keep them watching, you need to tick the boxes by consistently offering content that’s useful, engaging and relevant.

And ultimately, drive conversions. How are you turning viewers into leads? According to the report, calls to action made up more than half of all conversion tools used by businesses in 2022.

Don’t leave your audience hanging. Whether you want them to fill out a form, download a whitepaper or make a purchase, a clear CTA is a non-negotiable element in every marketing video.

Let videos play a leading role in your marketing strategy
Ready to bring your content to life? The optimal video format depends on your goals, your products and where your prospects are in the sales funnel. Here’s some guidance to choose the right video style.

And if you’re like the 64% of companies who don’t have enough time for marketing video creation, we can help point you in the right direction

Authored by: Lauren HarrisBuilding a Video Marketing Strategy
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