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Boost your content output, not your head count

Everyone’s tasked with doing more with less. But you’ve been especially hard hit — your department head count is flat, everyone’s pulling double duty, and you just can’t get the work out the door fast enough to meet demand.

Marketing doesn’t stop just because resources are tight. Content still needs creating, tweets need tweeting, campaigns need managing. That’s where Fahoury Ink comes in as your on-call copywriting and project management resource.

As experienced writers and marketers, we help stressed-out marketing and creative services execs feel like they’re ahead of the game rather than always behind the eight ball. We get up to speed quickly on your industry, your products and your challenges, and deliver scalable services to meet your most pressing need.

Copy for a blog post? No problem. Creative concepts for your next direct response campaign? We’re on it. Managing your social media? It’s our little secret.

Contact us for details on how we’ve helped companies like yours make the most of your marketing budget without adding to your headcount.

impressMBoost your content output, not your head count