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Beyond AI: Adding to Your Creativity Toolbox

Looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and foster innovation within your organization? While artificial intelligence has been touted as the next big thing in driving creativity and efficiency, there are plenty of other tools and strategies that can help ignite your spark.

Here’s a bunch of our current faves for crafting copy that’s sure to attract eyeballs:

Snappywords. When you’re writing marketing copy or communicating with clients, the words you choose can make or break you. Snappywords allows you to explore new words and expand your vocabulary in a way that’s intuitive and engaging.

From anagrams to a word generator, Snappywords inspires with interactive visual representations of word relationships. It’s a fresh approach that can help writers break out of ruts and say what you want to say — only better.

Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus. VisualThesaurus goes beyond the traditional text-based search,  visually mapping connections between words and making it easier to explore synonyms, antonyms and related terms.

Whether you’re refining your brand messaging or brainstorming new products (and what to name them), this tool provides visual representations to help you better grasp language nuances and discover fresh ways to express ideas. And don’t knock the old-school UX — it works 😁

Idioms and Phrases from the Free Dictionary. Need help crafting a headline or coming up with a catchy campaign theme? Don’t underestimate this resource for learning and mastering idiomatic sayings.

When you need a creative boost, its user-friendly interface offers detailed explanations of each idiom, including its meaning, origin and usage in context, making it easy to find relevant expressions for various situations.

Tip of My Tongue. Awkward pauses? Linguistic hurdles? Ever have a word on the tip of your tongue but you can’t quite articulate it?

Technology to the rescue! The Tip of My Tongue tool gives instant suggestions based on your input to help you deliver your message clearly, concisely and effectively. Find the perfect words in seconds to elevate your content and stop relying on the same tired descriptors like data-driven (yawn).

AI certainly has its benefits, but by incorporating a variety of tools and techniques into your business practices, you can really push the envelope on creativity. Give it a try!

Authored by: Lisa FahouryBeyond AI: Adding to Your Creativity Toolbox
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