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9 Secrets for Landing Pages with Out-of-this-World Conversion Rates

Imagine how chaotic your home page would look if it was the landing spot for every single campaign, email or content resource you’ve published. You’d have to somehow speak to each visitor, regardless of what they’re interested in or how they got there.

Hence the landing page — dedicated real estate that lets you continue the conversation, provide more proof points and hopefully turn shoppers into buyers.

Landing pages are critical — especially if you’re using a marketing automation tool— because they give you the space to tailor different messages to match each user’s needs, ultimately improving your conversion rates.

But a landing page doesn’t guarantee visitors will take the next step and cough up their contact information. Try these tips for creating lead-generating machines:

  1. Give ‘em headlines that pop. Once visitors land on your page, remind them right away why they’re there. Think of your headline as an opportunity to reiterate your offer, and use scan-able subheads to break up dense copy blocks.
  2. Inform and inspire. Set the tone with conversational, relevant content that inspires your audience to click for more. Get inside their heads and speak to their wants, needs and goals. Use words like “you” to get more personal and “because” to explain why your visitors should take a specific action.
  3. But don’t overwhelm. Landing page copy should be short and sweet. Talk about the offer clearly and simply, providing vital information without unnecessary fluff. Consider using bullets, sidebars, callouts and other design devices to call attention to key buying points.
  4. Include keywords. When it comes to landing pages, keywords are…well, key. Incorporate them into page titles, image tags, headers and body text to make your landing pages more searchable.
  5. Be share-worthy. Social sharing buttons and links allow visitors to share your page with their friends and followers. Because who doesn’t want to expand their brand’s reach beyond their own network?
  6. Aim for flawless design. Keep your landing page layouts clean and crisp so they don’t distract from important copy or create confusion. Skip the gratuitous stock photos and include relevant (there’s that word again!) images where possible — a product shot or e-book cover — to add visual interest.
  7. Keep everyone on the same page. Minimize or omit exit points like hyperlinks because you’re trying to lead customers down a specific pathway. Give them an out and you risk that they’ll stray from your goal.
  8. Make converting a snap. You want to transform visitors into buyers, so make it obvious. Your conversion form or downloadable content asset should be easy to find and appealing to click. Make visitors jump through too many hoops and you won’t see the conversion rates you’re hoping for.
  9. Give thanks. You may think you’ve sealed the deal, but you’re not finished yet. A thank-you page or pop-up once someone has taken action is the perfect place to post a link to your company blog, share product guides or make recommendations for different items your customer may like. And don’t forget to mention how much you appreciate their business.

Landing pages are an intriguing blend of art, science and luck. When done well, they create a win-win opportunity for your brand AND your new lead. This may be your one chance to draw them in — so make sure your landing pages deliver.

Authored by: Lisa Fahoury9 Secrets for Landing Pages with Out-of-this-World Conversion Rates
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