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7 Brand-building Benefits of a LinkedIn Co Page

According to Hubspot research, LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter. In fact, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. So, if it’s such a big opportunity to build your brand, why aren’t more businesses going all in? Think about it: A personal page showcases a single employee. And not everyone you’re personally connected with is necessarily looking to do business with you.

Enter the LinkedIn company page — a valuable avenue to build your brand awareness and highlight your what, why and who. It’s a place for prospects to learn about your service offerings, for customers and clients to see the full scope of what you can do for them, and even for potential hires to start seeing you as an employer of choice.

Bolstering your brand’s digital credibility

While a personal page allows you to send connection requests and InMail (which you can’t do via a company page), it’s analytics aren’t as robust in determining the reach and effectiveness of your posts. Company pages offer features and functionalities that a personal page just can’t compete with.

  • Spark topic ideas. At the top of your company page, you’ll see Content Suggestions. Click and you’ll discover the topics and articles trending with your target audience right now. Talk about fantastic intel!
  • Target smarter. Advanced targeting features let you select a specific audience and further narrow it down using filters in the target audience settings. Adjust your targeting options with each post to achieve better results.
  • Reap the SEO benefits. When someone Googles your company name, your LinkedIn company page is likely to come up high on page one. To maximize your SEO, be sure to use powerful, keyword-rich copy in your “About.” Make sure your employees follow your page to increase your organic exposure.
  • Drive action. Did you know you can add a custom button to drive specific actions from page visitors, like visiting your website, registering for a webinar, or signing up for your newsletter? Click-throughs are trackable from your admin view or the visitor analytics tab.
  • Get tagged and notified. When your company name is typed into someone’s personal LinkedIn status update, the person creating the post has an opportunity to tag your company. That means you’re just a click away to anyone who views that post. Plus, you’re notified so you know who’s buzzing about your business.
  • Put a pin in it. If you’re not a frequent LinkedIn poster, brilliant thoughts can easily go unnoticed in a crowded news feed. But with a company page, you can select an important post and pin it to the top of your page’s feed for as long as you want it there. Have a big event or company announcement? Be sure to pin it.
  • See who’s visiting. Visitor demographics under the Analytics tab lists the job titles of visitors to your site. This is hugely valuable in two ways. First, if you’re seeing trends in industries you don’t generally target, it may be time to expand your niche markets. Conversely, if you’re seeing primarily irrelevant, non-buyer traffic, you know the content you’re creating and/or curating is off point.

One more benefit of a LinkedIn company page — it can serve as a team-building vehicle for your staff. Get everyone involved in tasks like suggesting post topics, and make promoting the page into a friendly competition. Track who shares the company posts most frequently, and award a monthly trophy along with a gift card for the winner.

Visibility. Lead gen. Team camaraderie. Not bad for a free platform! Here’s a quick how-to from LinkedIn to get you started.

Authored by: Lauren Harris7 Brand-building Benefits of a LinkedIn Co Page
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