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6 Tips for Writing a Killer About Page

Have you ever clicked on an About Us section of a company’s website, read through it five times and shook your head: “But what do actually they do?”  Or been bored to tears by a dry historical recitation?

Don’t be that business.

Your website is the first stop in what will hopefully become a long and fruitful relationship, so get off to the best possible start with copy that quickly and succinctly captures who you are, what you do and how you can deliver value. Check out these six tips to make your About Us sizzle:

1. Set the tone. It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.  Are you snarky, serious, authoritative or inspirational? Let your brand personality shine throughout the content.

2. Communicate your company values. As a brand, what do you do, how do you accomplish it and why should customers care? Highlight your what, why and how clearly and upfront. For example…

Fahoury Ink was founded with one goal in mind — to save the world (aka your brand) from the scourge of bad content. Off-the-mark messaging. Dry, dull jargon-speak. Pointless, poorly crafted information that pushes prospects away rather than draw them in. In an ideal world, marketing paves the way for sales. That means if your marketing isn’t helping, it’s hurting. And we’re here to help you fix that.

That’s us. Who are you?

3. Give them a reason to believe. People buy from people (even B2Bs are essentially just people). And when people feel a connection with a brand, they’re more likely to trust you. Put them at ease and illustrate why your brand is their best bet using proof points like certifications, statistics or testimonials to build your credibility.

4. Keep it short(ish). Your About is not the place to go into great gory detail about your lengthy history, your processes or your pricing structure. It’s also not the place to talk about your products, so ditch the pitch. Use it as an introduction to build rapport.

5. Remember, it’s not about you. Wait, what? That’s right. Your About Me page is actually about the people who are clicking on it. What information would they find valuable? They’ve stumbled on your page in search of a solution for their challenge. Let them know how you can help. Use this real estate to expand on the challenges that your products or services can solve.

6. Proofread! What’s worse than introducing your brand with a series of typos and grammar mistakes? Is that who you are? We don’t think so. Before you hit the publish button, do yourself a favor and make sure it’s error-free.

What does your About page say about you?
If you’ve neglected your About Us in the past, it’s never too late to give it some TLC. Follow the tips above to offer your prospects an honest portrayal of your brand and your story. When it’s done right, you’ll reap the rewards.

Authored by: Lisa Fahoury6 Tips for Writing a Killer About Page
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